You can experience our Healing Rooms the second Wednesday of every month from 7-9pm at Generation ONE Church in Troy, MI. Our Healing Room experience offers Healing Teams and Prophetic Booths.

Generation ONE (NORTH Entrance of Zion Church)
3668 Livernois Road
Troy, MI 48083


The heart of Healing Teams is to glorify Jesus through physical healing.  We regularly see healings in knees, backs, shoulders, and necks! People often tell us that their pain is diminished substantially or is gone! Here, you can encounter God through the healing of your body.

We believe healing comes from the power of God.  The Healing Room culture is to honor every person and to provide a safe place to receive healing. Often the facts of our present situation, including what is going on in our bodies, do not line up with the truth of who the Lord is and what His Word says. He is Jehovah Rapha ~ the Lord our Healer. Jesus declared just before He died – it is finished ~ and, with that declaration, all sin, sickness, and disease have been defeated!


In prophetic booths, our teams are trained to hear the voice of God. During this experience, our teams will be listening to the Lord on your behalf, and you will leave with an upgrade in your identity, an increase in hope, and you will be motivated to hear God for yourself.

We believe God has a dream for all of His sons and daughters to be confident in knowing His voice. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” Paul said that of all the spiritual gifts, we should desire prophecy. Hearing His voice becomes easier when we cultivate a lifestyle of interacting with God and developing the relationship. It is not mysterious, it is a conversation that allows us to have the advantage of Heaven in everything we do, everywhere we go.