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Sozo is our inner healing and deliverance ministry. It comes from the Greek Word, SOZO, and it means: saved, healed, rescued, and delivered. The primary goal of SOZO is to deepen your relationships with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. 

We focus on facilitating freedom from the influence of the enemy by removing roadblocks and hindrances to spiritual growth. The heart of the ministry is to love people, heal wounds, break strongholds, replace lies with truth, and close “doors” to the enemy.

The enemy takes advantage of our wounds by telling us believable lies, which can lead us to sin. In essence, our wounds become specific points in time or “open doors” when we feel weak and are more susceptible to believe those lies. When we recognize the lies we are believing and replace them with God’s truth, we remove the enemies right of access to our lives, and we enter into the freedom Jesus purchased for us.  We free ourselves from sin’s effects through recognizing our part; confessing, forgiving, renouncing, repenting, and breaking ties and past covenants when necessary. 

A SOZO session involves two team members and the SOZO recipient. Sessions are confidential, friendly, relaxed, and Holy Spirit led.

To Schedule a Sozo please email me at carriepardon@emergyst.com!