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Start your healing experience.


Our vision is to engage and catalyze people in their healing experience - body, soul, and spirit.

You are reading this because it is time for you to walk through the door of healing; to learn how to take thoughts captive, renew your mind, and fulfill your purpose on earth.

Healing is a place each of us needs to visit to gain strength, be positioned, taught, and equipped to do what we were meant to do. Emergyst offers healing in three strategic areas; Counseling, Coaching, and Ministry.

Counseling: We will partner with you to see where you have been, to look at the patterns in your life that are problematic, and to identify character structure weaknesses where you can grow and become stronger. This experience empowers you to define who you want to be and provides tools for transformation.

Coaching: Solidifies your values, aligns your goals, and provides structure and accountability so you can experience success in all aspects of your life. This experience empowers you to grow more comfortable with who you are and encourages you to live out the best version of you. 

Ministry: Through Healing Rooms, Sozo, and Bright Spots, we believe you will find just what you need to experience freedom!

The heart of Healing Rooms is to glorify Jesus through physical healing. The focus of this ministry is to encounter the presence of the Lord through healing in your body.

The heart of Sozo is to see people freed from the influence of the enemy by removing roadblocks and hindrances to spiritual growth, while deepening your relationships with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

The heart of Bright Spots is to facilitate healing through creativity.

At Emergyst, we know that everyone’s healing journey looks different. We have designed healing experiences so you can choose where you want to start, and we are confident we can walk with you every step of the way. You will find what you need to break destructive cycles, improve relationships, strengthen your family, and find success in your career.

Why wait? Now is an excellent time to take the next step in your healing journey!

Carrie Pardon
Executive Director